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โ˜† all preorder orders shipped, a few zine copies left available! I ship from Italy โ˜†

๐Ÿ“… Shipping info and times


- Italy: 2-12 working days, up to 2 months in case of delays

- EU and UK: 6-12 working days, up to 2 months in case of delays

- USA, Canada and Oceania: 8-16 working days, up to 3 months in case of delays

- South America, Mexico, Philippines and other far away locations: might arrive within 1 month, might arrive in over 4 months


- Can I ship to a UNI dorm or a pick up point?

Using a uni dorm as address might result in exceedingly long delivery time, lost or returned order, avoid if possible!

Using a pick up point as address might result in a lost order, there's no tracking and they might not find it based on order ID/Name alone, avoid is possible.

- Where are items shipped from/ will there be custom fees?

I ship from Italy, if you're ordering from outside the EU, you can check your country's policy about customs fees!

- How do I know if my order has been shipped?

I send any order that doesn't include preorder items within 1-2 weeks after purchase, you will receive an automatic email when it's sent! (but sometimes it can end up in spam)

- Which mail service is being used/Is there a tracking number?

Our local mail service, Italy Post (Poste Italiane), once it reaches your country it will be dealt with by your country's mail service!
It's regular mail so there is no tracking number, if you're outside the EU you will find a barcode on your envelope but that's just an ID code and doesn't serve any tracking purpose

- Do I need to be at home for the delivery/can the order be delivered by x day?

I'm not sure about the specifics of each country but since it's not a courier, I don't think you need to be at home, it will be just left in your mailbox, I also have no control over on which day it will be delivered.

- Can you check on where my order is/get an update on the delivery time?

As there is no tracking, I won't be able to check on your order either, once it's shipped, anything that happens as well as possible delays will be out of my control, I can only ask for your patience!

- How are items shipped?

Most items are shipped in bubble mailers, backed with a cardboard sheet when necessary, prints and zines are shipped in cardboard envelopes or in bubble mailers with a cardboard divider if the order includes pins or charms, A4 prints are always sent in cardboard envelopes, very voluminous orders will be sent in small boxes