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โ˜† nov 21 - all pins from last preorder have been shipped! anything currently on preorder is in production! โ˜†


- Does the store accept all kinds of currency?
Yes, the conversion to your currency is automatic at checkout

- Do you ship to x country?
Probably yeah, you'll find  list of countries at checkout! Some places might just take a lot longer to reach than others

- Does the checkout form double check for me if I put in the right address/made spelling mistakes?
No, so please write your address as clearly as possible and be reachable at your email in case I need to ask you for clarifications!

- Is my address required if I just buy a digital PDF?
it's not but the site always requests an address by default

- Is phone number required?
yes the site requests a phone number by default.
I don't get a use out of them since our customs declaration doesn't necessarily need them to be included so, if your country requires a phone number to be printed anywhere instead, let me know at checkout!

- What is a "preorder" item?

Preorder is a time during which I decide how many of a certain item to order, the item is then produced and sent to me by the manufacturer, once I receive it I can send it to you! If your order includes preorder items and regular items, they will all be shipped together once available! Preorder/manufacturing time may vary

- Can I modify/cancel my order?

If your order isn't shipped yet, you can send me an email if:

- you want to add something else to your order without being charged for shipping twice

- you'd like me to edit your delivery address/other info

- you wish to cancel your order before it's shipped (I can't refund paypal/stripe transfer fees so think carefully before placing an order)

- I always respond to this kind of emails asap so if I don't respond within a couple of days it means I haven't seen it, please send again!

- Is tracking included in the shipping?
No, my country doesn't do tracking for the mail service I use, but I don't get almost any lost orders so it's safe that it will arrive! [delivery times]


- An item was damaged in transit

Please send me a picture of the damaged item, depending from the type of damage I usually offer either:
- a discount on a future order or sending the item for free along with your next order
- a replacement item (but I will have to charge for the shipping cost)

- An item is missing

If an item is missing from your order at delivery you can let me know and I'll see what I can do!

- My order hasn't arrived yet
please check the "shipping info and times" page!
unless your order has exceeded the specified margin for delays, there is no need to contact me, I won't be able to provide any more info than what already present in that page

- Lost orders won't be refunded in case of
- customer inputting an incorrect, incomplete or outdated address
- customer using a fake (ie. fictional character) or incomplete name (just initials of name and/or surname)

I hope you enjoy my products, thanks for your support! โฃ